Treecer consists out of three friends, who have a vision of building something great together and  have been working on this goal since October 2016 with  passion and commitment. Our main goal is to develop excellent products that focus on usability. The variety of personal backgrounds and competences characterizes our team. This enables us to analyze  situations and problems from a variety of perspectives. What connects us is a great affinity for details and the unrestricted will to achieve excellence.


Organization, Strategy and Design

Master in Business Administration (UZH)

If you had to describe Marc in one word, it would be reliability. He never loses sight of the overall picture and pushes the team forward with a tendency towards perfectionism. In addition, he convinces with his creative and drawing skills, which are helpful in all kind of areas. Marc has a long standing friendship with Samuel and Elio. He keeps the team together with a great sense of humor.


Communication and Quality Management

Master in Science in Microbiology (ETH)

Samuel’s field of application is to take on big tasks where almost unmanageable effort is needed. With an even greater tendency for perfectionism than Marc, Samuel works his way through such tremendous amount of work with conscientiousness and precision. Internally referred to as „the tireless”, everyone recognizes his great value. In addition, Samuel is a very social and communicative person and therefore our first choice for all presentations.


Research, Development and Web

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (ETH)

He is the slightly chaotic genius behind Treecer, equipped with incredible mathematical and technical skills. Elio is the person to ask in case of technical questions, he always finds simple ingenious solutions to emerging technical problems. If he’s not studying or working in the workshop, Elio likes to explain the world of technology to people who are new to that field. His students are mostly Marc and Samuel, who have made amazing progress over the last few months.

Treecer and Treeceratops

Treeceratops belongs to the brand Treecer, while it’s not subordinate but equal. Card and board games are associated with the Treeceratops brand, while technical products are presented under the Treecer brand. The whole team is active in both brands but with different roles. At Treecer, Elio is in charge of technical management while the rest of the team is responsible for supporting and organizational tasks. At Treeceratops the project management lies within Marc and Samuel. Both brands together form the entire group, reflected by the two related logos. The highly abstracted, more technical-looking leaves stand for Treecer, the playfully hidden Triceratops in the roots for Treeceratops.